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Patient & Family Advisory Council

The Iredell Health System (IHS)Patient & Family Advisory Council (IPFAC) is committed to safe, compassionate, and supported healthcare experiences for patients and families, which compliments the IHS mission to Inspire Wellbeing — Together.

To fulfill our mission, we desire feedback about your or your loved ones healthcare experience. Your 'shout outs/kudos' and comments will help us formulate recommendations for communicating to IHS leadership.

Our members:

  • Brandy Collins
  • Kim Holland
  • Xochitl Koppelmeyer
  • Tip Nicholson
  • Clarence Poole
  • Bill Ratcliff
  • Dr. Bob Saltzman
  • Risë Sandrowitz
  • Joe Stephens
  • Brian Sutton
  • Pamela Williams
  • Dr. Rebecca Tart, Council Lead
  • Jed Pidcock, Advisor

We would love to hear from you! Contact us

Please note: IPFAC does not handle grievances. If you wish to file a grievance, please use our feedback form.