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New RN grads

Iredell Health System is now accepting applications for the RISE Residency Program for new graduate RN Candidates.

Needed to apply:

  • Submitted application.
    • New Graduates 2023
    • (Clicking on the above links will open a new window to apply on
  • Official, sealed transcript of grades from the nursing program.
  • A link to SkillSurvey, an electronic reference system, will be sent to candidates upon receipt and review of application.

Residency for Iredell Nurses Soaring to Excellence (RISE)

RISE is a professional development program for the new RN graduate. The program consists of clinical and classroom days and meetings with directors, educators and other key nursing leaders. It is designed to encourage and assist the new RN graduate to apply effective decision-making skills related to clinical judgment and performance. In order to create a culture of retention, support will be available not only in the acquisition of skills, but also in the process of moving toward socialization into the profession of nursing.


Sereatha Harris
Assistant Director of Human Resources