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Ethical issues

We understand that our patients and their families are often faced with difficult medical decisions. When ethical issues arise, we want you to rest assured that we have our patients' best interests in mind.

What is an ethical issue?

  • When a patient's care or safety is compromised.
  • When a patient's stated wishes regarding medical treatment are not delivered by a healthcare provider.
  • If the staff believes a patient's family is not acting in the best interest of the patient, when the patient is unable to make medical decisions and there is no medical power of attorney.
  • When a patient's right to medical treatment is denied or restricted for any reason.
  • When a medical provider does not respect the patient's wishes.

We have resources to help you with difficult decisions like those listed above.

Always feel free to first go to the patient's primary hospital caregiver. If that is not possible, ask to speak to the Nursing Supervisor. Other alternatives include calling Hospital Administration at extension 3501 or our confidential Ethics Hotline, 704.878.7755.