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Cancer rehabilitation

Starting in January 2023, Iredell Health System will offer an outpatient cancer rehabilitation program to help support your optimal health during a cancer journey.

Cancer rehab is a set of services people can receive before, during or after cancer treatment. These services include exercise training and support for medical, nutrition and emotional needs.

Cancer rehab is an extension of the care your cancer doctor provides, not a replacement for it.

Benefits of cancer rehab

Rehab is proven to have many benefits during cancer treatment. For instance, rehab may:

  • Improve your quality of life.
  • Address cancer-related problems that affect your mobility.
  • Ease the side effects of chemotherapy or radiation treatment.
  • Support your mental and physical well-being.

To offer you this beneficial program, we've assembled a highly trained team of dedicated experts, including registered nurses, certified respiratory therapists, clinical exercise physiologists, licensed dietitians and licensed clinical counselors. They've earned additional advanced qualifications, including Advanced Cardiac Life Support, American Nurses Credentialing Center certification and advanced American College of Sports Medicine training.

What to expect during cancer rehab

We have the expertise and compassion to support you and your family as you move through your cancer journey. We'll start by designing a treatment plan that addresses your physical, medical, nutritional and emotional needs. Your loved ones will be included in the treatment plan. We'll also review the treatment plan with you at least every 30 days and update it as needed.

Most people attend two to three sessions a week for 12 weeks, but we may extend the program as indicated by your progress and your oncologist's recommendation. Classes will be held on Tuesday and Thursday.

Components of our cancer rehab program may include:

Exercise. This part of cancer rehab takes place in our spacious cardiopulmonary rehab gym. The equipment located in this area provides both seated and standing exercise options for people of all abilities, including those who use mobility devices like canes, walkers and rollators.

Cancer exercise rehab follows similar guidelines to those used in cardiac rehabilitation, which we have provided to our community for over 40 years.

While you exercise, our team will monitor your vital signs to help ensure that the exercise is safe for you. This telemetry monitoring is something not all cancer rehab programs offer. Because cancer treatments sometimes can affect heart health, we believe exercise monitoring is an important element to have in our program.

Nutrition. We'll also teach you about healthy foods to eat during your cancer journey and help you manage any challenges that may prevent you from eating well.

Psychosocial care. This may include counseling to help with the stress and anxiety of a cancer diagnosis.

Take the first step toward cancer rehab

Whether you've recently been diagnosed with cancer or your treatment has ended and you're recovering, we can help.

You will need a referral from your doctor to participate in cancer rehab.

To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, please call 704.878.4558 or email