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A hospitalist is a doctor who specializes in caring for patients in the hospital and who does not have an office outside the hospital.

Hospitalists can:

  • See you every day in the hospital and are available throughout the day when needed.
  • Will communicate with your doctor at the time you are admitted and upon discharge.
  • Will send your physician a complete summary of your hospital stay.

Your doctor has access to the hospital records by computer 24 hours a day/7 days a week, and can obtain updates this way as well.

Benefits hospitalists provide to you, your family and your doctor:

  • Because hospitalists work in the hospital, they are never far away and can respond quickly to an emergency.
  • They know all the specialists and can call on one when needed.
  • Hospitalists follow up on your test results and can adjust your treatment as indicated, which can decrease the time you spend in the hospital.
  • Having a hospitalist in the hospital all day caring for you allows your doctor to see you sooner in the office with fewer interruptions and delays.
Hospitalists can communicate with your doctor if you would like to talk to him/her and arrange for a phone call or visit when possible. Please remember physicians are very busy in the office, so it may not be right away.

Contact information

Patients can dial the operator and ask her to page the hospitalist assigned to their care.

Hospitalists at Iredell are associated with OptiMed Hospitalists, LLC.

Surgicalists are with Piedmont HealthCare.