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Dr. Jason Batley serves as the official team medical doctor for Olympic swimmers. He also sees patients at offices in Statesville and Mooresville.

Dr. Batley's philosophy of caring for elite athletes is based on a team approach that recognizes the fine line that exists between extreme performance and injury. He believes, in order to prevent injury and consistently perform at the highest level, all aspects of an athlete's health must be closely monitored. All components of performance, including illness prevention and management, conditioning, nutrition, and psychological health are interrelated in a unique way for each athlete. Dr. Batley believes that a personalized, team approach ensures that each individual athlete's strengths and challenges are addressed.

Whether you're training to compete in the Olympics, a local event or just a enjoyable run through the park, Dr. Batley understands the types of injuries that can result and uses state-of-the-art technologies to diagnose and treat them.